Basware Invitation & magazine ad

Invitation front cover
Invitation front cover
Invitation front cover
Invitation back
Magazine ad

Client: Basware

Completed: October 2012

The Finnish company Basware provides online financial processing solutions, such as automated electronic billing systems. Global leader in it's field, the company commissioned us to design a printed invitation for a client event organised in France.

Basware France decided to send printed invitations for a forthcoming client event because they realized their stakeholders weren't paying enough attention to their email campaigns. They came to us to design a sleek and simple invitation. While following the company's brand guidelines and using their own resources of visual assets, we took the initiative to craft an original composition.

By borrowing and re-assembling elements from three different stock illustrations of the brand's assets, we created a new visual presenting a simple and a more concrete depiction of Basware services.